Questions about Fleura? We've got some answers.

What's a prebiotic and how is it different from a probiotic?

Probiotics are live cultures you can ingest. Some examples of probiotic foods are yogurt, honey and kombucha. Prebiotics are complex carbohydrates that your body can't digest but make it down to your gut and feed your microbiome. Essentially, prebiotics are food for the probiotics.

Why is Fleura not a probiotic?

Fleura is made from a blend of herbs that are naturally high in inulin, a prebiotic. Dandelion and burdock are particularly good sources of inulin. Ethan purposely chose to craft a prebiotic wellness drink because our stomach acids are extremely strong and there is no guarantee that any of the  probiotics we may ingest actually make it to our gut. He wanted to create a drink that was effective and helpful. That's why Fleura's a prebiotic. 

When I drink Fleura, what am I tasting?

The herbs we use are unique in their flavor as they in their healing benefits. The dandelion gives Fleura its rice-like warmth, while the burdock imparts a rooty ginseng-like flavor. Ginger, of course adds a bit of a kick and the lemon juice gives the drink a refreshing crispness. We know our sparkling wellness tea doesn't taste like anything else in the beverage aisle and that's because no other drink focuses on your wellness like Fleura. Some love it straight-away, while others may need a little getting-used-to. But one thing's certain, it's a truly good-for-you beverage. 

I see you use sugar. Is that ok?

There's 8 grams of sugar per can. That's roughly 2 teaspoons worth. When Ethan crafted Fleura, he felt that this amount was just enough to make it taste right while being low enough to be negligible. The truth is, we need sugar to function properly, especially our brains. The reason why we've all become cautious against sugar is that we've all been eating too much of it. A small amount is okay because that's all that we need. Please take care not to have too much added sugar in your diet. We've certainly been careful adding it into our cans. Your wellness is our primary concern.

Will Fleura help me to lose weight?

The herbs we use have been known to help shed excess water from you body. We can't guarantee you'll be shedding pounds like trees drop leaves in autumn, because we can't speak for every life-style. But we can say that the same herbs we use has been used for centuries for their health benefits and for their water-shedding properties.

Is this vegan? How about gluten-free? 

Yes. And yes.

Will this help with hang-overs?

It's no guarantee and we haven't conducted any official studies, but some friends now use Fleura as their go-to drink at the end of their partying. It makes sense that Fleura's detoxing benefits can help flush out the toxins from a night of celebrating. It just we haven't done any testing and so, we can't say for certain. If you do happen to use Fleura as a hang-over drink and find it effective, we'd love to hear your story. 

If Fleura is so great at detoxing, will this make my skin look better?

There hasn't been any formal studies done on this one either, so no guarantees. But based on some of the stories we've heard from our lovely customers, we do hear how Fleura has helped some folks have clearer and more vibrant skin. All we can say for now is that burdock has a history in Eastern Medicine as a skin treatment. This coupled with Fleura's detox benefits, there may be some good things happening for some people.

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